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High-Temperature Butterfly Valve

 The tipvalve bi-directional seal high temperature triple offset butterfly valve design is recommended for industrial applications requiring reliable zero-leakage, bi-directional quick shut-off in harsh conditions of critical processes, steam isolation, and temperature extremes, especially when use of soft-seated materials in valves is limited.
Compared to ball valves, the Tipvalve high temperature triple offset butterfly valve is an affordable solution, particularly in larger diameter installations, that requires less structural support to ensure bubble tight shut-off. The result is a virtual zero leakage shut-off even in highair pressure, high-temperature, bidirectional pressure applications. Due to their quarter-turn movement for opening and closing, the valves are easy to automate and they can fulfill a quick closing time, which is often required in safety applications.
  • Design Feature

    • Stem extended

    • Stem low leakage

    • Bi-directional sealing

    • Zero leakage

  • Design Standard

    • Design: API 609

    • Face to face: ASME16.10

    • Test: API598

    • Fire safe: API607 / API6FA

    • Flange end: ASME:16.5 / ASME:16.47

    • Butt-welding end: ASME B16.25

  • Technical Specification

    • Size: 4”~48”(DN100~DN1200)

    • Class: 150Lb~600Lb(PN10,PN16,PN25,PN40,PN64,PN100)

    • Connection: Double flange / Butt weld / Lug

    • Operation: Worm Gear / Pneumatic actuator

    • Temperature: -29°C to +550°C

    • Application: Solar thermal electricity / High temperature steam

  • Material Option

    • Body: WC5 / WC9 / C5 / CF8 / CF8M

    • Disc: WC5 / WC9 / C5 / CF8 / CF8M

    • Stem: SS420 / XM-19 / K500

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