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                Oil and gas is the very important fossil fuel in the world. We have for many years pioneered the development of oil and gas technology. With our experience solutions in oil and gas industry, the combination of high efficiency and low emissions is now unequalled in the oil & gas market. Tip enhances the business of its customers by providing solutions for the Oil & Gas industry that are environmentally sustainable, efficient, flexible, and economically sound. Whether it’s onshore or offshore, Tipvalve offers a complete range of valves, controls, and automation solutions that are ideally suited for extreme pressures and temperatures in severe services that demand high integrity, zero-leakage performance, isolation, pressure protection, emergency shutdown, and low-pressure storage vessels, tanks, and pipelines.
                *Offshore Tipvalve offers the oil and gas industry control valve technologies that provide complete flexibility for specific applications. We have many successful solutions in subsea, FPSO & platform and gas transportation and storage applications. *Main Applications market: Drilling Platform in the Sea (FPSO) Offshore Oil & Gas Subsea and Deep-sea Oil & Gas *Main Involved Products: related Cryogenic Lip Seal Ball Valve API6A Wellhead Valve Dual Phase Steel Valve, Super Dual Phase Steel Valve Cryogenic Gate/Globe/Check/Floating Ball Valve
                *On shore Tipvalve provides flow control solutions for pipeline, storage tank, and LNG in providing reliable shut off and minimal pressure drops. We haveadvanced technologies and aftermarket services have helped oil and gas companies in severe applications protect assets, manage flow, and maximize efficiency to maintain top production levels in the most hazardous and demanding environments. *Major Applications: Oil & gas transportation and storage Oil Depot / Oil filed Oil Tank Gas processing plants *Main Products: Full-welded Pipeline Ball Valve Pipeline Gate Valve Full Opening Check Valve Pigging Valve Manifold


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