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TIP Valve Normal Material Reference List
Material Standard Working Condition
ANSI/ASTM Standard Chinese GB Standard
Casting Forging Rod Material Casting Forging Temp Main Service
Carbons Steel A216 WCA     GB12229 WCA 25 -20~425℃ Water/ Steam / Air /Oil / Gas
A216 WCB ASTM A105   GB12229 WCB GB/T12228 A105 -29~425℃
A216 WCC     GB12229 WCC 25Mn -29~425℃
Alloy Steel A217 WC1 F1   ZG20Mo   -29~454℃ Steam /Oil                                        (Especial high temp and high pressure)。
A217 C5 F5   ZGCr5Mo 2Cr5Mo -29~650℃
A217 WC6 F11   ZG20CrMoV 15CrMo  12CrMoV  -29~552℃
A217 WC9 F22   ZG15Cr1Mo1V  12Cr1MoV   25Cr2MoV  20Cr1Mo1VA -29~595℃
A217 CA15 A182 F6a      A276 410 GB2100 1Cr13 GB1220 12Cr13 -29~649℃
A743 CA40 AISI420       A276 420 GB2100 2Cr13 GB1220 20Cr13 -29~649℃
Cryogenic Steel A352 LCB A350 LF2   ZG25Mn GB3077  20Mn2 -46~345℃ Steam /Oil                                        (Especial high temp and high pressure)
A352 LCC A350 LF2   ZG20SiMn   -46~345℃
A352 LC1 A350 LF5   ZG20MnMo   -59~345℃
A352 LC2 A350 LF9   ZG2.5Ni   -73~345℃
A352 LC3 A350 LF3   ZG3.5Ni   -101~345℃
Austenitic stainless steel  A351 CF8 A182 F304 A276 304 ZG0Cr18Ni9  0Cr19Ni9 -196~700℃ Nitric acid corrosive service
A351 CF3 A182 F304L A276 304L ZG00Cr18Ni10  00Cr19Ni11 -196~425℃
A351 CF8M A182 F316 A276 316 ZG0Cr18Ni12Mo2 0Cr18Ni12Mo2Ti  -196~700℃ acetic acid /urea corrosive service
A351 CF3M A182 F316L A276 316L ZG0Cr17Ni14Mo2 00Cr17Ni14Mo2  -196~450℃
  A182 F321 A276 321 ZG 0Cr18Ni9Ti GB1220 06Cr18Ni11Ti -196~700℃  
PH Stainless Steel A747 CB7Cu-1 A705 17-4PH    A564 630   GB1220 05Cr17Ni4Cu4Nb -40~425℃ Use for valve stem
Alloy 20 A351 CN7M B462 N08020   ZG0Cr20Ni29Cu4Mo2 0Cr20Ni35Mo3Cu4Nb -196~450℃ sulfuric acid/phosphoric acid/ hydrogen/ fluoric acid/ hydrochloric acid     (Especial sulfuric acid)
Alloy 40 A995 1B    CD-4MCuN S32550            Fnalium 255   ZG0Cr25Ni5Mo2Cu3 0Cr25Ni5Mo2Cu3 -196~450℃ phosphoric acid/sulfuric acid/phosphate                                  (Especial phosphoric acid)
Monel Alloy A494 M35-1 B164 N04400     15Ni67Cu28Fe1Mn1 ≤475℃ hydrofluoric acid/hydrochloric acid/sulfuric acid/chloride/ caustic alkali     (Especialhydrofluoric acid)
  AMS N05500 K500   08Ni67Cu29FeMnAL2.5 -196~580℃
Duplex Stainless Steel A890 CD3MN A995 4A A182 F51 S31803 SAF 2205 GB1220 022Cr22Ni5Mo3N -50~315℃ oil refining/chemical fertilizer/papermaking/petroleum/Sea water/aqua fortis /condenser/high temp service
A890 CE3MN A995 5A A182 F53 S32750 SAF 2507 GB1220 022Cr25Ni7Mo4N -50~315℃
A890 CD3MWCuN A995 6A A182 F55 S32760   GB1220 022Cr25Ni7Mo4CuWN -50~315℃
Nickel Alloy    904L          
Hastelloy A494 N-12MV ASTM B 355 N10001 Hastelloy B   0Ni65Mo28Fe5V ≤371℃ hydrochloric acid/hydrogen chloride/sulfuric acid
A494 CW-12MW ASTM B 564 N10002 Hastelloy C   00Ni60Cr16Mo16W4 ≤538℃ phosphoric acid/hydrochloric acid/sulfuric acid/chlorine/organic and inorganic service
A494 CW-2M ASTM B 564 N10276 Hastelloy-276   00Cr16Ni60Mo16W4 -200~400℃
ASTM B 574 N06455   Hastelloy C4   00Cr16Ni60Mo16Ti ≤425℃
Inconel Alloy A494 CY-40 ASTM B 564 N06600  Inconel 600     ≤650℃ thermohaline/sulfuric acid/phosphoric acid/acetic acid/fatty acid/chlorine/hydrogen chloride/hydrogen fluoride
A494 CW-6MC ASTM B 564 N06625    Inconel 625   NS3306 ≤700℃
  ASTM B 564 N07718  Inconel 718     -253~700℃
ASTM Standard bolt&nut material
Bolt Nut Temp
Standard Mark Standard Mark
ASTM A193 B7 ASTM A194 2H -29~425℃
B7M 2HM -29~425℃                                                                                                                                                         (Accoding NACE Standard sulfur resistant valve)
B16 7 -29~593℃
B8 8 -196~700℃
B8M 8M -196~700℃
ASTM A320 L7 4 -46~101℃(LOW CARBON STEEL)
 Butterfly valve stem material :17-4PH、A276 410
Ball valve stem material:17-4PH、F6a、F304、F316


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