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Basket type filter (Basket type filter), is mainly composed of over charge, filter blue, flange, flange cover and fasteners and other components. When the liquid enters into the filter through the director of blue, solid impurities are blocked in the filter blue, while the clean fluid through the filter basket, discharged from the filter outlet when cleaning. When the head of the bottom of the drain plug, drain fluid, remove flange, cleaning and reinstall it. Therefore, maintenance is extremely easy to use. Features: strong sewage sewage, convenient circulation area, small pressure loss and simple structure
Design Feature
  • Full bore
  • Bolted cover
  • Compact design
  • High filtration accuracy
  • Faster filter speed
  • Adjustable
  • Online repair
Design Standard
  • Design: ASME B16.34
  • Face to face: ASME B16.10
  • Flange end: ASME B16.5 / ASME B16.47   
  • Test: API598
Technical Specification
  • Size: 2”~24”
  • Class: 150Lb~600Lb
  • Connection:  Double flange
  • Temperature: -46°C to +450°C
  • Application: water / pipeline system
Material Option
  • Body: Carbon steel(WCB,LCB) / Stainlesssteel(CF8,CF8M)
  • Strainer: SS304 / SS316 / INCONEL
  • N

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